E63 Class

The first commercial QCOM WiFi6 LGA Module

SMD Chip-on-Board with available edge-connector carriers for broad compatibility. 

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Full featured Wi-Fi6 module, with complete WPA3 implementation
Simultaneous operation on both 2.4 & 5 Ghz; plus support for mixed modes
Up to True Industrial and Military Standards Operating Grade
Bluetooth 5.2 with Enhanced Attributes, LE Audio & Power and more

Build with QUALCOMM®

Based on the Qualcomm QCA6391 chipset, part of the FastConnect 6800 and Networking Pro architectures, the E63 Class provides in module formats the engineering power of the world leading IC Vendor.

Brave new generation

The AIRETOS E63 Class sets a new industry benchmark by marrying state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 capabilities with extended features and leading-edge design. As consumer and enterprise expectations for always-on, flawless data streaming, robust indoor and outdoor wireless connectivity coverage, and reliable security continue to dramatically grow, these advanced solutions face increasing challenges with respect to battery life, data rates, and range. The E63 Class reflects VOXMICRO’s continuing commitment to leadership in the wireless connectivity era by delivering first in the market the new-generation, low-power, resilient multi-gigabit Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, fully leveraging Qualcomm’s new innovative QCA6391 connectivity Chip-on-Board (CoB).

Qualcomm ASIC
Powerful Performance
Latest Wireless Standards

Carrier choice
Choose Form-Factor

802.11ax Wireless

Target Wake Time

1024 QAM density

Multi-User MIMO

Separate BT antenna

Pre-certified domains

Flexible Form Factor

The E63 Class Chip-On-Board (CoB) Series B, have three on board antenna connectors, two for Wi-Fi and a separate one for BT. It is offered for SMT or on carriers (Series W, F and X).

Choice of Antenna

Built to meet the surging connectivity demands of today’s world and with choice in mind the CoB offers the option of IPEX or MHF4 antenna connectors on-board.

World Certifications

Pre-certifications are existing for all major domains (FCC, ISED Canada, EU RED, Japan), all with 5 antenna types. Optionally we offer co-sponsoring for further countries. 

LGA Chip-on-Board

MRSP from $ 29.95

E63 Series B, 2628 mm


  • Faster & easier than chip-down with
  • Contained footprint
  • Peripheral LGA pads
  • All RF with external FEMs
  • Funneled thermal dispersion
  • All I/O, PCIe and UART pinouts
  • Development Board available
  • Soldered, not slotted
M.2 E-Key

MRSP from $ 34.95

E63 Series W, 3032 mm


  • All Series B features & certs plus:
  • Carrier to M.2 E-key 3030
  • Standard edge pin mapping
  • All I/O, PCIe and UART to edge
  • All OS drivers plus open source

Mini-PCI Express

MRSP from $ 34.95

E63 Series X, 2852 mm


  • All Series B features & certs plus:
  • Carrier to full-size mPCIe
  • Standard edge pin mapping
  • All I/O, PCIe and UART to edge
  • All OS drivers plus open source
  • Full-card, not half mini-card

M.2 B-Key

MRSP from $ 34.95

E63 Series F, 3042 mm


  • All Series B features & certs plus:
  • Carrier to  M.2 B-key 3042
  • Standard edge pin mapping
  • All I/O, PCIe and UART to edge
  • All OS drivers plus open source

Building on VOXMICRO’s history of delivering advanced Wi-Fi solutions, the E63 Class provides an 18 modules variety of high performance, full-featured, Wi-Fi 6 Chip-on-Board solutions based on the latest 802.11ax standard. E63 Class approaches 1.8 Gbps – the highest throughput of any comparable smartphone chipset to date, as well as 1024 QAM modulation across 2.4 and 5 GHz bands combined with Dual Band Simultaneous (DBS) operation.

 The essential mechanism of 8-Stream sounding allows Wi-Fi 6 mobile and computing devices to take full advantage of the growing base of 8×8 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi 6 Access Points being commercially deployed. The multi-generational, field-proven capabilities OFDMA and MU-MIMO improve spectral efficiency, capacity and help ensure seamless experiences across congested networks.

 The Dual-band simultaneous 2×2 MIMO operation and 8-stream sounding enable up to double the throughput performance and up to 50 percent extended range and coverage compared to Wi-Fi 5 mobile devices. E63 advanced power-management architecture provides up to 50 percent improvement in power efficiency, compared to previous Wi-Fi generation solutions. The feature of Target Wakeup Time (TWT) supports up to 67 percent lower power consumption for streaming, Wi-Fi calling and other network-intensive applications.

 The Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA-3) support goes far beyond baseline requirements, with all optional and mandatory elements of the latest Wi-Fi Security protocol (WPA-3), including WPA3-Personal, WPA3-Enterprise, WPA3-Enhanced Open, and WPA3-Easy Connect supported. OFDMA and MU-MIMO – leveraged across both 2.4 and 5GHz band, is designed to deliver significant latency reduction due to more efficient use.