E20 Class

Qualcomm-based WiFi6E fully featured on LGA Module

SMD Chip-on-Board with available edge-connector carriers for broad compatibility. 

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Full featured Wi-Fi6E module, with complete WPA3 implementation
Simultaneous operation on both 2.4 & 5 or 2.4 & 6 Ghz; plus mixed modes
xFEM for range, energy and Tx power accuracy up to 24dBm WiFi & 10dBm BT.
Bluetooth 5.3 & ANT+ with Enhanced Attributes for BLE, Audio, Power & more

Build with QUALCOMM®

The E20 deploys the QCA206x wireless SoC processor family, with the QCA2066 as the flagship model and part of the FastConnect 6900 and Networking Pro architectures. 

Extended channels, extra band? It is 6E.

Modules that offer a full implementation of  Wi-Fi 6E (IEEE 802.11ax extended to include the ISM 6Ghz bands).

The AIRETOS E20 Class opens a new way to match application requirements with hardware and firmware feature options for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces. It offers a complete platform for use with the entire QCA206x family of SoCs, along with options for handling Bluetooth signaling requirements in all possible combinations. Even more Qualcomm ASICs are supported, like the WCN685x family and the QCA66x8AQ, for targeted design requirements.

The AIRETOS® E20 Class operates a dual-MAC for connections up to 3 Gbps data rate in Dual Band Simultaneous modes (2x2+2x2 11ax DBS). The use of OFDMA and 160MHz wide channels, effectively quadruples the throughput performance and delivers up to 50 percent additional range compared to Wi-Fi 5 devices; even in dense networking environments and with multiple concurrent MU-MIMO links running via a single module. The E20 Class reflects VOXMICRO’s continuing commitment to leading wireless connectivity technologies.

Qualcomm ASIC
Powerful Performance
Latest Wireless Standards

Carrier choice
Choose Form-Factor

802.11ax Wireless

Tri-band, BSS-Colour

Target Wake Time

1024 QAM density

Multi-User MIMO

Pre-certified domains

Flexible Form Factor

Other than for direct SMT, the E20B Series is available adapted on carriers with edge-connectors for standard slot-in form-factors: M.2 E-Key, M.2 B-Key and miniPCIe.

All operating temperatures

Variants for operation in harsh Industrial, Military environments and Automotive Grade applications spanning from -40 to +105°C of operating temperatures.

World Certifications

The E20 comes with approvals to the major domains of USA, Canada and EU with more antenna types. Regulatory coverage is set to expand to more and further countries. 

LGA Chip-on-Board

MRSP from $ 28.95

20 Series B, 2325 mm


  • Faster & easier than chip-down with:
  • Compact footprint
  • QCOM reference land-pattern
  • All RF with external FEMs
  • Funneled thermal dispersion
  • All I/O, PCIe and UART pinouts
  • Development Board available
  • Soldered, not slotted 
M.2 E-Key

MRSP from $ 33.95

E20 Series W, 3030 mm


  • All Series B features & certs plus:
  • Carrier to M.2 E-key 3030
  • Standard edge pin mapping
  • All I/O, PCIe and UART to edge
  • All OS drivers plus open source

Mini-PCI Express

MRSP from $ 33.95

E20 Series X, 2852 mm


  • All Series B features & certs plus:
  • Carrier to full-size mPCIe
  • Standard edge pin mapping
  • All I/O, PCIe and UART to edge
  • All OS drivers plus open source
  • Full-card, not half mini-card

M.2 B-Key

MRSP from $ 33.95

E20 Series F, 3042 mm


  • All Series B features & certs plus:
  • Carrier to  M.2 B-key 3042
  • Standard edge pin mapping
  • All I/O, PCIe and UART to edge
  • All OS drivers plus open source

All the WiFi6 advanced features and tools: empower system design with all the actual advanced features of power-management, seamless antenna sharing with LTE, LTE-U and 5G, offloading traffic for minimal host utilization, support for 160Mhz channel bandwidth for 5 GHz and 6 GHz at 11ax speeds, low power PCIe (w/L1 sub-state) interface, integrated close-loop power detector, Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS, radar detection) and more. 

  • Complemented by a complete HDK including an Evaluation Board and an LGA CoB socket tool, for access to all PCM, Debug and UART interfaces.
  • Systematically supported with open source drivers for Linux (ATH11K) and Android, as well with Closed Source Drivers (CLD) for advanced features.
  • Combo Bluetooth 5.3 on-board: all the latest features of BT5.3 and more, like: BLE long range, class 1 and class 2 power-level transmissions without requiring an external PA, dual eSCO and dual A2DP streams, ACL support for A2DP true stereo. 
  • Flexible configuration: ASIC Variant, CoB + carrier, choice of BT interface bus, antenna and grade.