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E20 Class

WiFi6/6E DBS & BT5.3

Tri-Band Capable, Dual-Band Simultaneous 2x2 Wi-Fi 6E modules with tightly coexistent Bluetooth 5.3 and ANT+. It provides a core platform that leverages FW/HW implementation techniques to flexibly allow for choice of ASIC (QCA206x, WCN685x & QCA6898), signaling, antenna and form-factor with no compromises.

Based on Verona & Hastings-Prime reference designs.

MRSP Starting at $28.95
E63 Class

WiFi6 & discrete BT5.2

The first commercial QCOM WiFi6 LGA Module
SMD Chip-on-Board with available edge-connector carriers for all common interfaces supporting broad compatibility. It is designed with the Qualcomm QCA6391 chip in its core, with optional use of QCA6696.

Based on Hastings reference design.

MRSP Starting at $29.95
E98 Class

WiFi5 Infrastructure

Dual-Band selectable, up to 3x3 Wi-Fi Wireless Infrastructure Networking modules for indoor and outdoor applications. The design allows the flexible use of the QCA98xx ASIC family, with no feature compromises.

Based on the Peregrine reference design.

MRSP Starting at $39.95
E61 Class

WiFi5 & BT5.0

Commercial Qualcomm WiFi5 with xFEM M.2 E-key modules with Worldwide Approval Status and cross-OS driver support that permit facilitated deployment . QCOM QCA61x4 ASICs in its core, with optional use of the automotive grade QCA65x4 ICs.

Based on the Rome reference design.

MRSP Starting at $24.95
E95 Class

WiFi4 Infrastructure

Dual-Band selectable Wi-Fi 4 modules with up to three antenna connectors. Fully featured with enterprise features. like FIPS and CCX compliance, plus Enhanced Transmission Power Accuracy and High-resolution Spectral Analysis. Supports the AR95xx family of QCOM ASICs.

Based on the Peacock reference design.

MRSP Starting at $39.95
E94 Class

WiFi4 & BT4.2

Modules based on single-chip technology for switchable use in the 2.4GHz and in the 5 GHz bands, boasting 2-stream 802.11a/b/g/n support and BT 4.2 with BLE and HS. It is designed with the Qualcomm-Atheros AR9462 & AR9485 chips in its core.

Based on the Atheros WB222 reference design.

MRSP Starting at $14.95
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End-To-End Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi modules enable secure, reliable connectivity in the harshest RF environments in commercial, enterprise, industrial and defense settings. They are certified with a largest selection of antenna types enabling you to get the highest performance in your application and avoiding additional costly and time intensive radio certifications.

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Great Regulatory

Wi-Fi/BT solutions with global certification and customer support, whether they are based on our comprehensive modules and antennas off-the-shelf portfolio, or are based on customized configurations and specifications.

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Any Form Factor

Modules that are available in various Form Factors with a unique certification and support, meeting the needs for different designs and diverse application areas. They are flexibly designed to operate in demanding operating conditions and a gamut of choice for designing applications in various industries and sectors.

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