E63 Series X

First fully-featured 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) modules for the computing, enterprise, and industrial markets.

E63 Series X

Chip-on-Board (CoB) soldered on full-mini PCIe Carrier; based on Qualcomm's Reference Designs Hastings Family. Dual-Band Simultaneous (DBS) with dual MAC. Bluetooth 5.1 on a dedicated antenna with Class I mode, ANT+ and BLE. Choice of antenna connectors and form factors. Up to full Industrial range of operating temperatures. Modular Regulatory Certifications (FCC, ISED, CE, Japan).

AFR-QCA6391-NXE63R$24.95M.2 NGFF 2230 E-Key-25 to +75°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.123 dbmMHF4QCNFA544DATASHEET
AFR-QCA6391-NIE63R$29.95M.2 NGFF 2230 E-Key-40 to +90°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.123 dbmMHF4QCNFA544DATASHEET
AFR-QCA6391-NX-XkitE63R$32.95mPCIE Full-mini-25 to +75°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.123 dbmMHF4QCNFA544DATASHEET
AFR-QCA6391-NI-XkitE63R$37.95mPCIE Full-mini-40 to +90°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.123 dbmMHF4QCNFA544DATASHEET
ACB-QCA6391-NX1E63B$24.95CoB-25 to +75°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmI.PEXHastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1NsAilmD-b_EiR3NGOYa498RFPUjnhkR7&link=true&dl=0
ACB-QCA6391-NX4E63B$24.95CoB -25 to +75°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmMHF4Hastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1NsAilmD-b_EiR3NGOYa498RFPUjnhkR7&link=true&dl=0
ACB-QCA6391-NI1E63B$29.95CoB -40 to +90°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmI.PEXHastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1xQ4N96PcZ2-lUU_MCAbueNdv5jMsOW8l/view?usp=sharing
ACB-QCA6391-NI4E63B$29.95CoB -40 to +90°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmMHF4Hastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1xQ4N96PcZ2-lUU_MCAbueNdv5jMsOW8l/view?usp=sharing
AFW-QCA6391-NX1E63W$34.95M.2 3030 E-Key-25 to +75°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmI.PEXHastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1ndZnvGxq2-8_s-3WyK-mUJh77bouGvBV&link=true&dl=0
AFW-QCA6391-NX4E63W$34.95M.2 3030 E-Key-25 to +75°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmMHF4Hastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1ndZnvGxq2-8_s-3WyK-mUJh77bouGvBV&link=true&dl=0
AFW-QCA6391-NI1E63W$39.95M.2 3030 E-Key-40 to +90°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmI.PEXHastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1xbb0__wx2aUtrd3gvARNjeQqgKMiGLt0/view?usp=sharing
AFW-QCA6391-NI4E63W$39.95M.2 3030 E-Key-40 to +90°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmMHF4Hastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1xbb0__wx2aUtrd3gvARNjeQqgKMiGLt0/view?usp=sharing
AFF-QCA6391-NX1E63F$34.95M.2 3042 B-Key -25 to +75°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmI.PEXHastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1OjvdrDKSlsKJLrNT2HGOUEXozJQdCxTP&link=true&dl=0
AFF-QCA6391-NX4E63F$34.95M.2 3042 B-Key-25 to +75°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmMHF4Hastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1OjvdrDKSlsKJLrNT2HGOUEXozJQdCxTP&link=true&dl=0
AFF-QCA6391-NI1E63F$39.95M.2 3042 B-Key-40 to +90°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmI.PEXHastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1xP1902SxkBVUeqLRh2GlrMiWUhPbT5tA/view?usp=sharing
AFF-QCA6391-NI4E63F$39.95M.2 3042 B-Key-40 to +90°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmMHF4Hastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1xP1902SxkBVUeqLRh2GlrMiWUhPbT5tA/view?usp=sharing
AEX-QCA6391-NX1E63X$34.95miniPCIE Full-size-25 to +75°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmI.PEXHastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1tdn1Ms_5iJ82ruQJqo7Pmr2yhep1a89l&link=true&dl=0
AEX-QCA6391-NX4E63X$34.95miniPCIE Full-size-25 to +75°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmMHF4Hastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1tdn1Ms_5iJ82ruQJqo7Pmr2yhep1a89l&link=true&dl=0
AEX-QCA6391-NI1E63X$39.95miniPCIE Full-size-40 to +90°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmI.PEXHastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1xgUVzppwAba7U-eqKctfTX7Hz7X9ebRW/view?usp=sharing
AEX-QCA6391-NI4E63X$39.95miniPCIE Full-size-40 to +90°C2+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5 dbmMHF4Hastings-basedDATASHEEThttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1xgUVzppwAba7U-eqKctfTX7Hz7X9ebRW/view?usp=sharing
*MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price


  • Based on Qualcomm Reference Design (Hastings Family)
  • Ful 802.11ax/ac/abgn MU-MIMO two antenna Wi-Fi
  • CoB (Chip-On-Board) soldered on full-mini PCIe Carrier
  • Qualcomm-Atheros QCA6391 Chipset
  • Communication Bus PCIe for WLAN and UART for Bluetooth
  • Extended and Industrial Grade Build
  • Dual-Band Simultaneous (DBS) with dual MAC
  • Up to 1775 Mbps dynamic Transfer Rate at 2.5GHz and 5 GHz DBS 11ax mode
  • Windows, Linux, macOS and Android compatibility


  • IEEE 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) Dual Band Simultaneous with dual MAC , highly integrated with BT5.1+ Milan with Class I mode, ANT+ and BLE
  • Dedicated BT antenna, not sharing with WLAN clock cycles
  • Seamless antenna sharing with LTE, LTE-U, and 5G
  • Choice of higher performance U.FI / IPEX or smaller MHF4 antennas
  • Regulatory approvals FCC, ISED Canada, EU RED, and Japan, all with 5 antenna types
  • First high performing Wi-Fi 6 modules with an optimal price point for the value OEM market.


  • 8×8 MU-MIMO: more HD MIMO links per AP
  • Up to 4x increase in capacity vs. 4×4 802.11c (Wave 2)
  • Extended coverage for outdoor use cases
  • Improved device battery life
  • Efficiently serving multiple traffic types
  • DualBand Simultaneous with antenna sharing
  • Optimal performance in dense environments with many APs
  • Dedicated WLAN and BT antennas (2×2+1)
  • Flexible antenna choice with regulatory approvals

Core Numbers

  • First Released: 2020
  • Industry Support: Excellent
  • Production Capacity: 12.000+ pcs/pm
  • Retail MSRP / Sample Price: 19.95 USD

Customization Competence

We offer a wide variety of customization options that enable customer-specific applications and solutions. Whether you need a custom-made product or complete product development services, we use our extended expertise to bring your product or device to market on-time and efficiently.


Avoid costly revisions and delays, by working with us. Throughout any stage in your development, you can work with our Design Team to receive a comprehensive analysis of your applications and/or devices, which significantly improve their stability and performance, in addition to reducing overall time-to-market, mitigating risk and reducing non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs.


We deliver customer-centric experiences, aided by in-house digital, RF-calibration and regulatory expertise thus adding quality and value to dedicated technology fields.


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End-To-End RF Antennas Development

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality antennas engineered for superior performance. We provide antenna solutions for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular supporting a wide range of demanding applications. 


We offer our AIRETOS® modules together with pre-approved and certified antennas series to significantly improve your application stability and performance, but also to shorten overall time-to-market, mitigate risks and reduce non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs.


In addition to our OxfordTEC® off-the-shelf solutions, we provide end-to-end antenna development support from design to simulation, prototyping, testing and manufacturing for tailor-made antennas to meet your specific application needs.


Embedded antenna tuning in customer devices is crucial for RF performance. We support you to fit and optimize our antennas to your device without affecting their pre-certification status so that you can work efficiently and time-saving.

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Performance and Certification Testing

We carry out RF Function & Performance Testing at the modules, antennas and application levels in our facilities in Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom to provide a complete overview and tuning of our customer device’s radio performance, but also to achieve worldwide certification.


  • One-stop-shop testing for wireless modules, customized antennae, and any devices that include wireless technologies
  • Worldwide approvals and certification
  • Global testing and certification support

We provide high performing solutions with global certification and customer support, whether they are based or our comprehensive modules, antennae, and RF passives off-the-shelf portfolio or are based on customized configurations and specifications.

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Key Features

802.11 ax/ac/abgn - Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 is providing faster, more reliable connections. Its ability to handle much more traffic at once comes at a critical time, as more laptops, smartphones, cameras, smart speakers, displays and other personal and IoT devices crowd networks with massive new data flows. And for the next couple of years, that is much of what you’ll come to see out of the next-generation Wi-Fi: better, faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Decidedly evolutionary and revolutionary, yet important, improvements.

Bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth 5.1 is backward compatible with previous BT versions such as v5.0 and v4.2. and introduces direction finding which helps in locating your keys having Bluetooth tracker on them. It offers also "centimeter-level accuracy" in location finding. Its improved advertising mode helps smart devices to broadcast their measurements to other BT devices without connecting them. BT5.1 allows devices with limited batteries (e.g. smartwatch) to piggyback other powerful devices such as mobile phones and speeds up handshake processes with devices already paired previously.

Separate BT

The simultaneous and co-located operation of Wi-Fi and BT/BLE can degrade the performance of one or more of the radios. Recent trends and Wi-Fi 6 new capabilities are making the Wi-Fi/BT co-existence challenging in specific situations. Increased Wi-Fi transmits power level for extended range and high throughput for file transfers and/or video streaming results in a high Wi-Fi duty cycle. A dedicated BT antenna improves performance through BT not-sharing with WLAN clock cycles.

Dual Band Simultaneous

The Simultaneous Dual Band supports two separate Wi-Fi networks simultaneously using both 2.4- and 5-GHz frequency bands. It doubles the available bandwidth but also allows for a more reliable dedicated Wi-Fi network for video and gaming (5GHz) to be created. When connecting multiple devices, having two separate wireless networks avoids over-crowding and interference and allows more flexibility to make the best possible connection.

Extended and Industrial Temperature Grades

Built with end quality components from the multi-layered PCB to the front end high-quality RF, the modules qualify through both extended testing for operating temperature ranges from -20° to +70° Celsius and non-condensing operating humidity from 10% to 90%, and in true industrial environments, with high humidity and severe weather operation from -40 to +90° Celsius. They are highly integrated wireless modules, perfectly suitable for demanding industrial, outdoor and enterprise-level applications.


Less Power

A high level of integration and full implementation of power management functions minimizes system power requirements. Both WLAN and BT - BLE conserve power having several power-saving modes implemented, like MIMO-PS, UAPSD, Green-Tx, host power offload, Packet-power-save (PHY-NAP), early beacon termination. It makes the modules a good choice for resource-constrained Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Form Factors and Antenna Diversification

The Series Chip-On-Board (CoB) Modules are available in various Form Factors with a unique certification and support, meeting the needs for different designs and diverse application areas. They have three onboard antenna connectors, two for Wi-Fi and a separate one for BT. They are flexibly designed with either IPEX or MHF4 connectors on-board. It comprises a total of 4 model variants which are making it a gamut of choice for designing demanding applications in various industries and applications.


Wi-Fi 6 Certified

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6modules support the capacity, efficiency, coverage, and performance required by users today in the most demanding Wi-Fi environments. Emphasizing quality connectivity in locations with hundreds or thousands of connected devices such as stadiums and other public venues, as well as corporate networks utilizing time-sensitive, high bandwidth applications, our Wi-Fi 6 modules supported networks ensure each connected device performs at an optimum level. They meet the highest standards for security and interoperability, and enable lower battery consumption, making them a solid choice for any environment, including the Internet of Things (IoT).

World Certifications

Pre-certifications are existing for all major domains (FCC, ISED Canada, EU RED, Japan), all with 5 antenna types. Optionally we offer co-sponsoring for further countries. In house support and assistance with regulatory, antenna and design. Through the module certifications and our full leverage on Qualcomm’s worldwide certification program, we are able also to help partners and customers certify their devices globally and source them in any part of the world.

Product Variants

QC Points per Unit

Units produced per day

Lines of Code at Work

E63AIRETOS Module E63 Class: Product BriefE63B, ACB-QCA6391-NX1, ACB-QCA6391-NX4, ACB-QCA6391-NI1, ACB-QCA6391-NI4, E63R, AFR-QCA6391-NX, AFR-QCA6391-NI, AFR-QCA6391-NX-Fkit, AFR-QCA6391-NI-Fkit, AFR-QCA6391-NX-Xkit, AFR-QCA6391-NI-Xkit, E63W, AFW-QCA6391-NX1, AFW-QCA6391-NX4, AFW-QCA6391-NI1, AFW-QCA6391-NI4, E63F, AFF-QCA6391-NX1, AFF-QCA6391-NX4, AFF-QCA6391-NI1, AFF-QCA6391-NI4, E63X, AEX-QCA6391-NX1, AEX-QCA6391-NX4, AEX-QCA6391-NI1, AEX-QCA6391-NI4PDFDrawingshttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1n8wtCGH3c37lQkdJhRqzjMzlaGK01q2t
E63AIRETOS Module E63 Class: CoB+ mechanical Z heightsE63W, AFW-QCA6391-NX1, AFW-QCA6391-NX4, AFW-QCA6391-NI1, AFW-QCA6391-NI4, E63F, AFF-QCA6391-NX1, AFF-QCA6391-NX4, AFF-QCA6391-NI1, AFF-QCA6391-NI4, E63X, AEX-QCA6391-NX1, AEX-QCA6391-NX4, AEX-QCA6391-NI1, AEX-QCA6391-NI4PDFDrawingshttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1s1Ah2jcVT7CqbRWIhbuhUUgSI4sCmXTT
E63AIRETOS Datasheet: ACB-QCA6391-NX1E63B, ACB-QCA6391-NX1PDFData Sheetshttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1NsAilmD-b_EiR3NGOYa498RFPUjnhkR7&link=true&dl=1
E63AIRETOS Datasheet: AEX-QCA6391-NX1E63X, AEX-QCA6391-NX1PDFData Sheetshttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1tdn1Ms_5iJ82ruQJqo7Pmr2yhep1a89l&link=true&dl=1
E63AIRETOS Datasheet: AFW-QCA6391-NX1E63W, AFW-QCA6391-NX1PDFData Sheetshttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1ndZnvGxq2-8_s-3WyK-mUJh77bouGvBV&link=true&dl=1
E63AIRETOS Datasheet: AFF-QCA6391-NX1E63F, AFF-QCA6391-NX1PDFData Sheetshttps://airetos.voxmicro.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=wpmf-download-file&id=1OjvdrDKSlsKJLrNT2HGOUEXozJQdCxTP&link=true&dl=1
E63AIRETOS Datasheet: ACB-QCA6391-NI1E63B, ACB-QCA6391-NI1PDFData Sheets
E63AIRETOS Datasheet: AFF-QCA6391-NI1E63F, AFF-QCA6391-NI1PDFData Sheets
E63AIRETOS Datasheet: AFW-QCA6391-NI1E63W, AFW-QCA6391-NI1PDFData Sheets
E63AIRETOS Datasheet: AEX-QCA6391-NI1E63X, AEX-QCA6391-NI1PDFData Sheets

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