Integrated and cost-effective single-die wireless Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Combo Solution supporting IEEE 802.11 ac/abgn (Wi-Fi 5) and BT 5.0 standards.

The AIRETOS® E61 Class is a highly integrated and cost-effective single-die wireless Wi-Fi / Bluetooth combo solution to support 1×2 IEEE 802.11ac/abgn (Wi-Fi 5) PCI-E WLAN standards and BT 5.0. It enables seamless integration of WLAN and BT with low-energy technology in a small footprint, low-height, modular design providing a fully-featured cost-effective solution for consumer applications.


The AIRETOS® E61 Class comes with World-level Regulatory Compliance and full compatibility with the latest industry standards and advisory for regulatory adaptability, aiding swift design-to-market deployment solution for the growing consumer electronics applications. E61 Class supports high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and enriched media experiences and has integrated RF front-end and single-ended design for simpler and low-cost design.


A high level of integration and full implementation of power management functions specified in the E61 Class minimizes system power requirements. Both WLAN and BT conserve power having several power-saving modes implemented, like MIMO-PS, UAPSD, Green-Tx, host power offload, Packet-power-save (PHY-NAP), early beacon termination.


The E61 Class evolves Qualcomm-Atheros’s Reference Design QCNFA364A (Rome) using the QCA6174A-5 chipset and has extended community support under Linux ATH10K and a full range of drivers for Windows, macOS, and Android OS.


It is also available in an industrial range variant with extended operating temperatures covering broader business and commercial requirements.

E61 Class is available in 3 Series with various form factors: Regular 2230 A+E Key NGFF (M.2) (Series R), Full-Mini mPCIe, adapted via our carrier host (Series R-Xkit), and Long Wide 3042 B+M Key NGFF (M.2) (Series F). All Class Series evolve Qualcomm-Atheros’s Reference Design QNFA364A using the QCA6174A-5 chipset for home and enterprise networking.

E61AFX-QCA6174-NCE61R$19.95M.2 NGFF PCIe 2230-10 to +70°C2QCA6174A-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.021 dbmMHF4QCNFA364APart of E61RDATASHEET
E61AFX-QCA6174-NXE61R$24.95M.2 NGFF PCIe 2230-40 to +85°C2QCA6174A-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.021 dbmMHF4QCNFA364APart of E61RDATASHEET
E61AFX-QCA6174-NC-XkitE61R-Xkit$27.95mPCIe FULL SIZE-10 to +70°C2QCA6174A-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.021 dbmMHF4QCNFA364APart of E61R-XkitDATASHEET
E61AFX-QCA6174-NX-XkitE61R-Xkit$32.95mPCIe FULL SIZE-20 to +75°C2QCA6174A-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.021 dbmMHF4QCNFA364APart of E61R-XkitDATASHEET
*MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

E61 Class Form Factor Adaptability

Our modular Kit Solutions

E61 Class is originally developed and certified in the Next Generation (NGFF) also known as M.2 Form Factor (2230), which is a transition from the miniPCIe (full and half-size) to a smaller form factor – both in size and volume. An NGFF/M.2 module can utilize the full speed of PCI-Express specifications, with a bandwidth up to 1GB/s under currently PCIe 3.0 standards.


Our OxfordTEC® NGFF to mPCIe Adaptor is an innovative component, taking into account optimal performance and reduced space requirements. Combined as a Kit with our E61 Series F NGFF modules allows designs with form factor independence by unique global certification. Easy assembly and the minimal space-saving module height enable compact and efficient designs with a high degree of flexibility and adaptability.

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E61 : based on the QCA6174-5

a low-energy and cost-effective IC for consumer and enterprise applications.

The power of the E61 Class

It’s friendly: Built using sleek, robust technologies and supported by mature drivers on a wide range of platforms.


It’s value for money: Cost-efficient with a small footprint, low-height, modular design!


It has regulatory: We will support your application wherever with a pre-approved antenna n a certified domain or a new combination.


E61 Class: reliable combo solution

A low-energy and cost-effective IC for consumer and enterprise applications.

Integrated technology

Advanced 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) features such as MU-MIMO and TX Beamforming to increase network capacity, as well as maximal likelihood (ML) decoding, low-density parity-check (LDPC), maximum ratio combining (MRC) for robust link connection., dual-mode BT5.0, integrated RF front-end and power-saving techniques for low power consumption.

Power Efficiency

Both WLAN and Bluetooth power management uses advanced power-saving techniques such as gating clocks to idle or inactive blocks, voltage scaling to specific blocks in certain states, fast start and settling circuits to reduce Tx, active duty cycles, processor frequency scaling, and other techniques to optimize power consumption across all operating states.

Fully Supported

Whether you’re on Windows or a Linux, Embedded (RT)OS or Android you can rely on fully-featured level drivers for swift, appropriate configuration.

Quick & Easy

Getting started is easy. Install your samples and you’ll be on a great path to your prototyping in no time. A performing, the suitable antenna system is a great add-on; ask our Technical Sales for our COTS or ODM design propositions!

Matching Certified Antennas

Pre-approved and certified antennas series to significantly shorten overall time-to-market, mitigate risks and reduce non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs.


WAPH Internal, PCB Dipole < 2.5db
WAFH Internal, FPC Dipole < 3db
WAMF Internal, F-Type PIFA < 3db
WAND External, Omni < 5db
WEAD External, PCB Dipole < 5db

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E61AIRETOS Datasheet: AFX-QCA6174-NXE61R, AFX-QCA6174-NXPDFData Sheets1.32019/10/22
E61AIRETOS Datasheet: AFX-QCA6174-NCE61R, AFX-QCA6174-NCPDFData Sheets1.32019/10/22
E61VOXMICRO RoHS2 Compliance Statement: E61R SeriesE61R, AFX-QCA6174-NX, E61R, AFX-QCA6174-NC, E61R-Xkit, AFX-QCA6174-NC-Xkit, E61R-Xkit, AFX-QCA6174-NX-XkitPDFStatements
E61AIRETOS Global Regulatory Status: E61 ClassE61R, AFX-QCA6174-NX, E61R, AFX-QCA6174-NC, E61R-Xkit, AFX-QCA6174-NC-Xkit, E61R-Xkit, AFX-QCA6174-NX-XkitPDFApprovals
E61AIRETOS Module Image: AFX-QCA6174-NX Front Balancing With ShieldE61R, AFX-QCA6174-NXPNGImages
E61AIRETOS Module Image: AFX-QCA6174-NX Duo With LabelsE61R, AFX-QCA6174-NXPNGImages
E61CHIPSET QCA6174A Qualcomm Product BriefE61R, AFX-QCA6174-NC, E61R, AFX-QCA6174-NXPDFProduct Briefs

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