E95 : Series H

mPCIe 802.11n Dual Band modules.

E95 : Series H

miniPCIe Half Size; based on Qualcomm-Atheros Reference Design XB116.

AEH-AR9592-NX39.95E95H-24 to +702AR9592-AR1A802.11abgn21I.PEXXB116+
AEH-AR9592-NI49.95E95H-40 to +852AR9592-AR1B802.11abgn21I.PEXXB116+
AEX-AR9592-NX49.95E95X-24 to +702AR9592-AR1A802.11abgn22I.PEXXB116+
AEX-AR9592-NI59.95E95X-40 to +852AR9592-AR1B802.11abgn22I.PEXXB116+
AEX-AR9580-NX49.95E95X-24 to +703AR9580-AR1A802.11abgn24I.PEXXB116+
AEX-AR9590-NX59.95E95X-24 to +703AR9590-AR1A802.11abgn24I.PEXXB116+
AEX-AR9590-NI69.95E95X-40 to +853AR9590-AR1B802.11abgn24I.PEXXB116+
AEB-AR9592-NX49.95E95B-24 to +702AR9592-AR1A802.11abgn22TRACE PADXB116+
AEB-AR9592-NI59.95E95B-40 to +852AR9592-AR1B802.11abgn22TRACE PADXB116+
AEB-AR9580-NX49.95E95B-24 to +703AR9580-AR1A802.11abgn24TRACE PADXB116+
AEB-AR9590-NX59.95E95B-24 to +703AR9590-AR1A802.11abgn24TRACE PADXB116+
AEB-AR9590-NI69.95E95B-40 to +853AR9590-AR1B802.11abgn24TRACE PADXB116+
AFN-QCA9565-NC9.99E95N1-10 to +651QCA9565-CR4A802.11bgn+BT4.021MHF4NFA335
AFN-QCA9565-NX14.99E95N1-24 to +751QCA9565-CR4A802.11bgn+BT4.021MHF4NFA335
AFN-QCA9565-NC-Xkit14.95E95N-Xkit-10 to +652QCA9565-CR4A802.11bgn+BT4.022MHF4NFA335
AFN-QCA9565-NX-Xkit19.95E95N-Xkit-20 to +752QCA9565-CR4A802.11bgn+BT4.022MHF4NFA335
AEH-QCA9882-NX34.95E98H-24 to +702QCA9882-BR4A802.11ac/abgn21I.PEXXB140+
AEH-QCA9892-NI59.95E98H-40 to +852QCA9892-BR4B802.11ac/abgn21I.PEXXB140+
AEX-QCA9882-NX39.95E98X-24 to +702QCA9882-BR4A802.11ac/abgn22I.PEXXB140+
AEX-QCA9892-NI64.95E98X-40 to +852QCA9892-BR4B802.11ac/abgn22I.PEXXB140+
AEX-QCA9880-NX49.95E98X-24 to +703QCA9880-BR4A802.11ac/abgn24I.PEXXB140+
AEX-QCA9890-NX64.95E98X-24 to +703QCA9890-BR4A802.11ac/abgn24I.PEXXB140+
AEX-QCA9890-NI74.95E98X-40 to +853QCA9890-BR4B802.11ac/abgn24I.PEXXB140+
AEB-QCA9882-NX39.95E98B-24 to +702QCA9882-BR4A802.11ac/abgn22TRACE PADXB140+
AEB-QCA9892-NI64.95E98B-40 to +852QCA9892-BR4B802.11ac/abgn22TRACE PADXB140+
AEB-QCA9880-NX49.95E98B-24 to +703QCA9880-BR4A802.11ac/abgn24TRACE PADXB140+
AEB-QCA9890-NX64.95E98B-24 to +703QCA9890-BR4A802.11ac/abgn24TRACE PADXB140+
AEB-QCA9890-NI74.95E98B-40 to +853QCA9890-BR4B802.11ac/abgn24TRACE PADXB140+
AEH-AR9485-NC9.95E94H0 to +501 (1T2R)AR9485-AL1A802.11bgn18I.PEXAR5HB125
AEH-AR9485-NC19.75E94H0 to +501 (1T1R)AR9485-AL1A802.11bgn18I.PEXAR5HB125
AEH-AR9485-NX14.95E94H-20 to +751 (1T2R)AR9485-AL1A802.11bgn18I.PEXAR5HB125
AEH-AR9462-LCB19.95E94H0 to +802AR9462-BL3A802.11abgn+BT4.019I.PEXAR5WB222
AEH-AR9462-LXB24.95E94H-25 to +852AR9462-BL3A802.11abgn+BT4.019I.PEXAR5WB222
AFX-QCA6174-NC19.95E61R1-10 to +702QCA6174A-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.021MHF4QCNFA364A
AFX-QCA6174-NX24.95E61R1-40 to +852QCA6174A-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.021MHF4QCNFA364A
AFX-QCA6174-NC-Xkit27.95E61R-Xkit-10 to +702QCA6174A-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.021MHF4QCNFA364A
AFX-QCA6174-NX-Xkit32.95E61R-Xkit-20 to +752QCA6174A-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.021MHF4QCNFA364A
AFN-QCA9377-NX17.95E93N-20 to +751QCA9377-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.019QNFA435
AFN-QCA9377-NC-Xkit22.95E93N-Xkit-20 to +751QCA9377-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.019QNFA435
AFN-QCA9377-NX-Xkit27.95E93N-Xkit-20 to +751QCA9377-5802.11ac/abgn+BT5.019QNFA435
AFR-QCA6391-NX19.95E63R-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.123MHF4QCNFA544
AFR-QCA6391-NI24.95E63R-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.123MHF4QCNFA544
AFR-QCA6391-NX-Fkit29.95E63R-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.123MHF4QCNFA544
AFR-QCA6391-NI-Fkit34.95E63R-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.123MHF4QCNFA544
AFR-QCA6391-NX-Xkit29.95E63R-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.123MHF4QCNFA544
AFR-QCA6391-NI-Xkit34.95E63R-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.123MHF4QCNFA544
ACB-QCA6391-NX119.95E63B-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5I.PEXHastings-based
ACB-QCA6391-NX419.95E63B-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5MHF4Hastings-based
ACB-QCA6391-NI124.95E63B-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5I.PEXHastings-based
ACB-QCA6391-NI424.95E63B-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5MHF4Hastings-based
AFW-QCA6391-NX129.95E63W-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5I.PEXHastings-based
AFW-QCA6391-NX429.95E63W-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5MHF4Hastings-based
AFW-QCA6391-NI134.95E63W-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5I.PEXHastings-based
AFW-QCA6391-NI434.95E63W-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5MHF4Hastings-based
AFF-QCA6391-NX129.95E63F-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5I.PEXHastings-based
AFF-QCA6391-NX429.95E63F-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5MHF4Hastings-based
AFF-QCA6391-NI134.95E63F-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5I.PEXHastings-based
AFF-QCA6391-NI434.95E63F-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5MHF4Hastings-based
AEX-QCA6391-NX129.95E63X-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5I.PEXHastings-based
AEX-QCA6391-NX429.95E63X-20 to +752+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5MHF4Hastings-based
AEX-QCA6391-NI134.95E63X-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5I.PEXHastings-based
AEX-QCA6391-NI434.95E63X-40 to +902+1QCA6391802.11ax/ac/abgn+BT5.124.5MHF4Hastings-based
AFF-NRC7292-NIU59.95HA92F-40 to +901NRC9272802.11ah30I.PEXNEWRACOM
AFF-NRC7292-NIE59.95HA92F-40 to +901NRC9272802.11ah30I.PEXNEWRACOM
AFF-NRC7292-NIC59.95HA92F-40 to +901NRC9272802.11ah30I.PEXNEWRACOM
AFF-NRC7292-NIJ59.95HA92F-40 to +901NRC9272802.11ah30I.PEXNEWRACOM
AFF-NRC7292-NIK59.95HA92F-40 to +901NRC9272802.11ah30I.PEXNEWRACOM
*MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price


Qualcomm-AtherosReference Design: XB116

  • Full Length – Standard mPCIe format
  • miniPCI Express v1.1 Interface
  • Qualcomm-Atheros AR9590 Chipset
  • 802.11abgn – 450Mbps Transfer Rate
  • Cross OS compatibility



Advance firmware features in the E95H Series allow for 5/10/20/40MHz channel bandwidth, Enhanced TransmissionPower Accuracy, High-resolution spectral Analysis and so make this device the one of choice for modern industrial designs. Connect one, two or three antennas, as per your design specifications.



Enhancements over AR93xx: Video QoS (VQos), Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS), Spectral Analysis, Support for Smart Antenna, Transmission Beamforming (TxBF), loopback mode for FIPS security certification.

Core Data

  • First Released: 2013
  • Industry Support: Good
  • Production Capacity: 12.000+ pcs/pm
  • Retail MSRP / Sample Price: 59.95 USD


Customization Competence

We offer a wide variety of customization options that enable customer-specific applications and solutions. Whether you need a custom-made product or complete product development services, we use our extended expertise to bring your product or device to market on-time and efficiently.


Avoid costly revisions and delays, by working with us. Throughout any stage in your development, you can work with our Design Team to receive a comprehensive analysis of your applications and/or devices, which significantly improve their stability and performance, in addition to reducing overall time-to-market, mitigating risk and reducing non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs.


We deliver customer-centric experiences, aided by in-house digital, RF-calibration and regulatory expertise thus adding quality and value to dedicated technology fields.


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End-To-End RF Antennas Development

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality antennas engineered for superior performance. We provide antenna solutions for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular supporting a wide range of demanding applications. 


We offer our AIRETOS® modules together with pre-approved and certified antennas series to significantly improve your application stability and performance, but also to shorten overall time-to-market, mitigate risks and reduce non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs.


In addition to our OxfordTEC® off-the-shelf solutions, we provide end-to-end antenna development support from design to simulation, prototyping, testing and manufacturing for tailor-made antennas to meet your specific application needs.


Embedded antenna tuning in customer devices is crucial for RF performance. We support you to fit and optimize our antennas to your device without affecting their pre-certification status so that you can work efficiently and time-saving.

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Performance and Certification Testing

We carry out RF Function & Performance Testing at the modules, antennas and application levels in our facilities in Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom to provide a complete overview and tuning of our customer device’s radio performance, but also to achieve worldwide certification.


  • One-stop-shop testing for wireless modules, customized antennae, and any devices that include wireless technologies
  • Worldwide approvals and certification
  • Global testing and certification support

We provide high performing solutions with global certification and customer support, whether they are based or our comprehensive modules, antennae, and RF passives off-the-shelf portfolio or are based on customized configurations and specifications.

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Key Features

Dual-Band 11N

The E95 Series H supports both 2.4Ghz legacy band and the less crowded 5Ghz wireless bands for connections up to 300Mbps. Designs may use up-to two antenna via the on-board connectors or the onboard PIFA antenna to achieve MIMO 2Tx2R (2 Transmit & 2 Receive) performance.

True Extended Grade

True Extended and Industrial Grade, for high humidity and under severe weather operation (-24 ~ 85°C). The E95H Series is a highly integrated wireless, suitable for industrial, outdoor and enterprise-level applications.

Longer Range

Unlike ordinary wireless networking technologies that are confused by signal reflections, the MIMO implementation in this module actually uses reflections to increase the range and reduce “dead spots” in the wireless coverage area. 

Higher Output - Better Links

The E95 Series H adopt XSPAN with SST3 and Multiple In, Multiple Out (MIMO) technology with enhanced output aggregate power at 21dBm and Tx Beamforming. Thus, it provides larger coverage and increased specific link throughput.

Enterprise Features

4.9GHz frequency band support / narrow 5/10MHz channelization, Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS), QFN support, Enhanced small packet performance, Multi-Country Roaming support (IEEE 802.11d, 802.11h Global Harmonization), Spatial Multiplexing, cyclic- delay diversity (CDD), low-density parity-check (LDPC), maximum ratio combining (MRC), space-time block code (STBC).

Transmission Beamforming (TxBF)

It is a technique that can enable a higher modulation and coding scheme (MCS) at a given range. TxBF does not extend the maximum range or increase the maximum rate but allows it to sustain the data throughput while reducing power requirement by coordinating more antenna signals for a given client link.

Product Market Orientation

“Professional all-rounder wireless modules for industrial applications”

“Robust operation and signal at a great price.”

Market Orientation Index



Variants On-Demand = Auxilliary 


Design Cost Orientation = 3 

Effective Lead Time = 10 weeks

Market Orientation Index (MOI): A value calculated from the grading of the factors above. Used as a rule-of-thumb to aid design-in and procurement evaluation. MOI depicts the present product affinity to Innovation (I), Customer Empathy (C) and Price Focus (P).

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