802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow modules at sub-1Ghz with a choice of form factors.


802.11ah Wi-Fi (HaLow) Modules: long-range, low-power, high-penetration IoT connectivity.

“The HA92 Class reflects VOXMICRO’s continuing commitment to innovation in wireless connectivity.”

Build with Newracom

The AIRETOS® branded HA92 Class modules are a reliable, long-lifespan family of wireless adapters that transform Newracom’s NRC7292 chipset, industry’s first system on a chip (SoC) that is compliant with the IEEE 802.11ah standard, into a full portfolio of modular solutions.

HA92 Class is compliant with the IEEE 802.11ah standard (HaLow), operates at sub 1GHz bandwidth, enables long-range data transmission with low power consumption, and is created with a choice of form factor implementations. Building on VoxMicro’s history of delivering advanced Wi-Fi solutions, the HA92 Class provides high performance, full-featured, HaLow solutions based on the latest 802.11ah standard.

HA92 Form-Factors:

Flexible form factor

Comprehensive portfolio of NGFF (M.2), Chip-On-Board (CoB) Form Factors and CoB socketed on a variety of carriers.

HA92 Class supports the Wi-Fi HaLow standard with frequency bands below 1 GHz. Compared to conventional Wi-Fi, the narrower band and lower frequency HaLow devices can reach 10 times farther, cover 100 times the area, or 1000 times the volume with a single Access Point.

HA92AFF-NRC7292-NIUHA92F$59.95B-key M.2 3042 (F)-40 to +90°C1NRC9272802.11ah30 dbmI.PEXNEWRACOM[U] USA - FCCISB bands 902 - 928 MHzDATASHEET
HA92AFF-NRC7292-NIEHA92F$59.95B-key M.2 3042 (F)-40 to +90°C1NRC9272802.11ah30 dbmI.PEXNEWRACOM[E] ETSI - CE / REDISB bands 863 - 868 MHzDATASHEET
HA92AFF-NRC7292-NICHA92F$59.95B-key M.2 3042 (F)-40 to +90°C1NRC9272802.11ah30 dbmI.PEXNEWRACOM[C] CHINAISB bands 755 - 787 MHzDATASHEET
HA92AFF-NRC7292-NIJHA92F$59.95B-key M.2 3042 (F)-40 to +90°C1NRC9272802.11ah30 dbmI.PEXNEWRACOM[J] JAPANISB bands 916.5 - 927.5 MHzDATASHEET
HA92AFF-NRC7292-NIKHA92F$59.95B-key M.2 3042 (F)-40 to +90°C1NRC9272802.11ah30 dbmI.PEXNEWRACOM[K] KOREA, SOUTHISB bands 917.5 - 923.5 MHzDATASHEET
*MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

Long-range Wi-Fi for IoT

Comprehensive Design

  • Complies with IEEE 802.11ah draft 8.0
  • Fully Integrated on-chip 11ah modem, RF transceiver, processor, and memory
  • Support 1/2/4 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 15 Mbps data rate
  • Low power mode operation
  • AES-CCMP security
  • Dedicated SPI and UART interface for host
  • Various peripheral interfaces for sensor device
  • Manufacturing tools for configuration and test
  • Diagnostic and DUT test tools for indoor and outdoor test

Large networks

Because of the usage of sub 1GHz (S1G) transmission bands and narrower channels, Wi-Fi HaLow increases the coverage of an access point (AP) up to 1 mile in distance and can handle up to 8000 client stations (STAs). Operating in a lower part of the spectrum, Wi-Fi HaLow can penetrate walls and other physical barriers better than the 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi bands.

Power Efficiency

HaLow's new sophisticated channel access mechanism called Restricted Access Window (RAW) reduces energy consumption — an important performance indicator for 802.11ah — since the stations can sleep almost always except for the allocated time intervals. HA92 Class requires a fraction of the power of a conventional Wi-Fi module. Low peak power requirements enable the use of small batteries which can last many years. 

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