The USB Evolution

The USB interface was developed as a result of the need for a communications interface that was convenient to use and would support the higher data rates being required within the computer and peripherals industries. With the need for mobility in many areas of the electronics industry taking off, the next obvious move for USB was to adopt a wireless interface. In doing this wireless USB retains the same flexible approach that provided the success for the wired interface. In addition to this the wireless USB interface is able to transfer data at rates which are higher than those attainable with the wired connections. 


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Whether you need a custom-made product or complete product development services, we use our extended expertise to bring your product or device to market on-time and efficiently:


  • Circuit design
  • Module Layout design
  • Customer review design
  • Prototype Assembly
  • Function and Performance Test
  • Performance Tuning
  • Design Quality Assurance
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