USB for Bluetooth: improved ease of use

Flexible Form Factor

Our Wi-Fi and Combo Modules are available in various Form Factors with a unique certification and support, meeting the needs for different designs and diverse application areas. They are flexibly designed to operate in demanding operating conditions and a gamut of choice for designing applications in various industries and sectors.

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We provide high performing Wi-Fi/BT solutions with global certification and customer support, whether they are based on our comprehensive modules and antennas off-the-shelf portfolio, or are based on customized configurations and specifications.

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The USB Evolution

The USB interface was developed as a result of the need for a communications interface that was convenient to use and would support the higher data rates being required within the computer and peripherals industries. With the need for mobility in many areas of the electronics industry taking off, the next obvious move for USB was to adopt a wireless interface. In doing this wireless USB retains the same flexible approach that provided the success for the wired interface. In addition to this the wireless USB interface is able to transfer data at rates which are higher than those attainable with the wired connections. 


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